– FAQ –

Are your cakes gluten free?

There are no gluten ingredients used in the cakes or anywhere in the kitchen of Solar Return. Be advised that we are not yet a certified gluten free facility, however!


Can you make a cake without nuts?

Cashews and almonds are essential to these cakes. I have tried various substitutions over the years and never been satisfied with the results.


Are your cakes organic?

We only use 100% certified organic ingredients. The only exception is the E3Live we use for blue coloring, which is not certified organic but is harvested from the pristine waters of Oregon’s Klamath Lake.


How do you make those colors naturally?

All cake colors are made from scratch using fruit (dragonfruit, goji berries, or blueberries) or herbs (turmeric, E3Live, wheatgrass, spirulina, or activated charcoal).  We love making rainbows from superfoods!


What is cacao?

Cacao is the bean like seed of a tropical plant that is used to make chocolate. The beans are harvested and fermented, then processed either into nibs (the whole bean broken into bits), powder (the dark brown part of the bean which contains all the minerals, antioxidants, and caffeine), or butter (the fat from the bean which can be used like coconut oil to give body and richness to a cake). All three kinds of cacao are used in the chocolate cakes we make!


What sweetener do you use?

All Solar Return creations are refined sugar free. Our desserts are sweetened predominantly with coconut nectar, which is a sap harvested from the blossom of a coconut palm. This is our sweetener of choice because it is certified low glycemic and will not cause spikes in blood sugar, an important factor for young children and diabetic or pre-diabetic individuals. Coconut nectar is primarily sucrose based, which makes it much easier for your body to process than high-fructose options like agave. It contains all the potassium and amino acids associated with coconut water. It is also sustainably harvested in Bali by our good friends at Big Tree Farms!

Yacon syrup is a sweetener derived from the tuberous roots of the yacon plant of the Peruvian Andes Mountains. Also low glycemic, it is a prebiotic, which means it nourishes the flora already present in your digestive tract. We use it for the delightful burnt sugar/molasses like depth it lends to chocolate or caramel flavored cakes!

Local organic dates are used in the crusts of all cakes, cookies, and balls at Solar Return. Their sweetness comes with the added benefit of high fiber and a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Are your cakes safe for those with peanut allergies?

Our only flavor that includes peanuts is the Banana Chocolate Peanut Butter. We use best practices to isolate this ingredient which many are sensitive to and avoid cross contamination. Many of our ingredients are processed in facilities that are exposed to peanut allergens, however.


How do I place a custom order, and how far in advance?

Please contact us to confirm availability. We recommend two weeks notice, but don’t hesitate to reach out, whether your request is months away or in a few hours! 


How many servings can I get from each cake?

Due to the nutrient dense nature of our recipes, we have found that smaller servings can be very satisfying in most cases. We recommend cutting small equilateral wedges from the outer perimeter first, then cutting more wedges from the points of the star that remains. This way a cake that would normally only serve 16 can serve 25-30 without anyone leaving hungry! 

We offer single serving domes and pyramids, larger domes and pyramids that can serve 2-4, 4” mini cakes that serve 4, 8” tarts that serve 8-12, 10” full cakes that serve 25-30, and 12” full cakes that serve 35-40.  Larger celebrations may be served by combining cakes of appropriate size.


How long do cakes last?

Cakes may be refrigerated for up to seven days without compromising quality. They may be sliced and frozen for up to one year while maintaining deliciousness! Upon purchasing a cake, it should be placed in refrigeration as soon as possible, or within two hours. Clients have extended travel time in the past by using coolers and dry ice. Cakes have traveled by airplane as far east as New York City and as far north as Portland, Oregon. 


Do they need to be refrigerated?

The ideal texture for slicing and serving may be achieved by not leaving a cake unrefrigerated any longer than absolutely necessary. After 20 minutes at room temperature it will begin to soften to the texture of a firm pudding. If a cake has gotten too soft, simply return it to refrigeration to firm back up.


Is raw food safe for pregnant women, infants or children?

In our experience the full spectrum of bioavailable nutrients in raw food has been the perfect match for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children age 1 and up. Dozens of cakes have been enjoyed at baby showers (including our own) and toddler birthdays with no adverse reactions. 


What is your design process?

For custom cakes I usually use a photo of the person or people being honored to tune in with their energy. For cakes in stock at the shop, I tune in with the universe and channel what emerges into an image. I am open to a wide variety of suggestions but find that anything can happen in the course of making one of these creations!


Do you deliver?

We do not offer delivery at this time.


Do you ship?

We are hoping to figure out a way to ship cake that is safe and sustainable (without a lot of excess packing materials to maintain temperature) and offer this option in the future.