Solar Return, a celebration of life!

In astrological terms, a Solar Return is when the sun returns to the exact point it occupied at the time of a person’s birth. It is a powerful moment once a year to honor your connection with source energy; a kind of personal New Year’s Day!


Here is a Solar Return meditation Robert Wilkinson shares from his Aquarius Papers:

“As you enter deeply into the receptivity of merging your individual Light with the on-going Greater Light, move into and stay centered in your heart. It is the source of all knowing, all illumination, all love, and all power in an individual life. Surrender and let go of your ego mind and your feelings, open to the highest and greatest Light you are and always have been, and allow the on-going greater light to illuminate your inner light.”

The raw vegan cheesecakes that we offer at our shop embody this spirit of celebration. From birthdays to baby showers, weddings to holidays, these moments that bring us together call for a ceremonial cake to gift to your loved ones or your self! Prism of Threads’ collection of wearable art mirrors these cake creations to live a life adorned by unique and handmade expressions. Our shared vision is a sustainable Earth where our clothing is not disposable and our food is sacred.

This journey began on Valentine’s Day of 2014. My wife, Tracy had a vision of a rainbow raw vegan cheesecake, and I knew that making her one would be the perfect way to celebrate our love.

Creating that first cake was a mind expanding process, as colors made from scratch with organic fruit and herbs emerged more vividly than I had imagined possible. She was thrilled when I presented her my rainbow love cake, and when we shared images of it with our community the response made it clear that I was onto something. A new desire was born within to create food that was art.

I had already traveled down many roads in search of the ideal artistic format. I left my hometown of Cincinnati in 1997 to attend art school in Washington, DC. The freedom to explore multiple disciplines was inspiring; my thesis show included oil painting, sculpture, video, installation, and sound. But I found that art without purpose, without utility, was unsatisfying. Once a vision was complete, the objects I had made felt meaningless. They were destined for storage. I knew that my next body of work would need to be sustainable and not bound by form.

My quest for formlessness led me to music, an art I had been practicing since I was nine years old. 2003 came with the opportunity to join my friends’ stoner rock band. The sound was hypnotic, deep and heavy. I loved traveling the world and building our sonic cathedral each night. To share that space was a gift. Yet it came to be that as my devotion to the spiritual possibilities of music grew, I kept colliding with the most tired old trope of rock and roll: that a musician must practice self-abuse through chronic intoxication while pursuing the meaningless pleasures of the road. Such a life was unsustainable in the extreme.

Tracy and I met in New York City in 2006, and moved to Los Angeles in 2007, where I embraced the opportunity to begin cooking professionally. I spent ten years in the kitchens of three of LA’s best loved vegetarian establishments. What I took away from that experience is an affirmation of three concepts:

  • Food is sacred. What we put into our bodies is not just fuel, but a connection with the Earth that provides sustenance and the people who grow, prepare, and serve it.

  • Ingredients must be of the highest quality possible. Plants that are grown with respect for nature, (which restore the soil rather than depleting it) are the only ones that we can expect to function medicinally and restore balance to our hard working cells. 

  • Intention is the most important element. The care that gets put into food during preparation is received and amplified as it is consumed. Food that is made with love and meditative  attention can transform simply eating into a celebration of life.

Putting this knowledge into practice as part of each cake that I made, what began as a dessert I offered strictly to friends and family grew quickly into a project that fulfilled my dream of being an artist. Feeling the support of this community through a steady stream of orders gave me encouragement and the chance to be far more prolific than I could have been in other forms. With Solar Return, our goal is to broaden the scope of this sharing, through sacred food made intentionally and sustainable clothing, gifts and accessories.

Tracy began Prism of Threads in 2011, offering vintage and handmade clothing. The name came to her in a dream as a way to bridge her love of prismatic color and textiles from all over the world. Each piece is hand picked with love, intention, and integrity. Her eye for curation was honed in her childhood by going to art openings with her father and hunting for treasures at thrift stores and consignment shops with her mother. The discovery and recontextualization of vintage art-to-wear, whether a textile dyed and made by hand with rich indigenous heritage, or an avant-garde statement piece that echoes the postmodern discourse of contemporary galleries, weaves together the themes that have run through her life.

Her deep respect for the cultures that have birthed these beautiful textiles, whether ancient or more recent, fuels her efforts to research the origins of each piece and provide this information whenever possible. Rather than appropriating any culture, the work of these incredible artists is honored by being given new life in a global, modern context in an act of cultural appreciation!


Our shared vision is to create a space where community can thrive and join in the celebration of life that is Solar Return!